The advantages of online psychotherapy

Online therapy, also called virtual therapy, digital therapy or telepsychology is a relatively emergent field of clinical practice where therapists use various technologies, including telephones, mobile devices, video conferencing, email, internet, e.g. self-help websites, blogs and social media, and other modes of telecommunication to provide therapeutic services. 


Compared to traditional clinical practice, virtual therapy has many advantages for the clients. 

Accessibility and flexibility : online therapy is easily accessible as clients do not need to leave their homes and spend time and money travelling to the session. It is convenient for people who live in rural areas where there are no or few psychotherapy services available, and for physically impaired clients who experience mobility challenges. Digital therapy also offers a greater flexibility that goes beyond the classic nine to five working hours.

Digital therapy and young people: Online therapy may also be effective in encouraging young people to receive therapy as they are more comfortable with using internet. 

Stigma: online therapy might also be positive in eliminating stigma for clients who feel uncomfortable receiving psychotherapy services. It enables them to be treated in private without having to make an appointment at the local hospital or therapy centre, potentially being seen by other people there. Compared to the traditional method, online therapy offers the clients a higher degree of autonomy.

Various communication methods: some of my clients prefer to express themselves in written form rather than verbally. I encourage them to transcribe their thoughts and feelings onto notepads or to send the by email. We use the writings as a foundation for discussion during the e-therapy sessions. I am always impressed to see how powerful the combination of writing and talking can be. 

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A note from the author: this article is part of a larger topic, entitled “Practitioner challenges in digital therapy” that I wrote for Psychology in Practice magazine.